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Discourse on & rsquo; State of Wallonia's Minister President, Paul Magnette

Find out here, l & rsquo; full speech of the Minister-President of the Walloon Region, Paul Magnette.
A brilliant speech on & rsquo; economic future of Wallonia. He recalled d & rsquo; first that our growth and d & rsquo rates; employment have caught, or exceeded, European curves. Since & rsquo; industrial collapse of our region, c & rsquo; is already a historical fact. We must now stop this negative talk of Wallonia would be trolling.
Paul Magnette said that & rsquo; s it & rsquo; including support on supporting the creation of SMEs, but also to strengthen those who are already our success.
Minister President stressed the & rsquo; importance of automation and digitization of & rsquo; economy. A train not to miss.
Note that 12 construction reform and simplification have been launched since the & rsquo; inauguration of our government: c & rsquo; is a historical fact.
There are many challenges especially in terms of housing to accommodate our population growth. And d & rsquo; use of our rich territory. We don & rsquo; have not yet won, but we are on the right track.

L & rsquo; full speech in the document below
Paul Magnette speech state of the Walloon 25mars2015

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