Latifa Gahouchi – Sénatrice – Députée régionale

Framed differentiated: labor and educational project can not be measured in terms of & rsquo; a socioeconomic index

A few days ago, the press has made much of the ranking of schools in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation established on the basis of socio-economic criteria used to determine the schools differentiated guidance that can benefit from more support of our Federation. This is however not the publication of the ranking that arrested me. These data can indeed easily find and correspond to the socio-economic index of the neighborhood where the school is located. Instead, I was shocked by how this classification has been presented by places, as if he could see the good and bad schools, those where you have to send her children and those with absolutely no need to register.
This is obviously shocking. It is deeply disturbing to think that exists among us a ranking of schools performance, as it can be done otherwise, to power and hierarchy charts. The Federation has refused to establish such a classification. However, it is different for differentiated framework where it took objectify the needs of schools and determine which were most. This is the
logic of affirmative action, launched at the time by Laurette Onkelinx and developed 2009 Christian Dupont, who helped bring to 45 million assistance to schools experiencing the most difficulty. On a budget of almost six billion, this amount remains low, but this aid has the merit of existing and demonstrate
desire to correct the structure and unequal nature of our teaching.
Which is the most damaging, is to suggest that the educational project and the strength of a teaching team is measured in terms of the socio-economic index. There are so many special schools, motivating and effective. This ranking is not that of school performance. If there is data on failure rates and control of the material by students, are those from dashboards schools (TABOR) and is to be welcomed that they remain anonymous and only for use of the administration and government services.

My question to the minister: Question by Mrs Latifa Gahouchi Ms Joëlle Milquet – differentiated supervision

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