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Launch of “Site ideas”

The “site ideas” was launched Sunday morning 22 March to Liege: activists were able to present their ideas and claims. Nothing like that & rsquo; brainstorm to restart the machine to progressive ideas. Here below a small report to read on the PS site. I welcome this kind of & rsquo; year.

This morning, over 1000 activists were present at the Liège Convention Centre to launch the "construction of ideas". A four-hour meeting, in which all members of the party who wished could express.

The Chairman of the PS Elio Di Rupo said "want to give the party a new lease. The world is constantly changing. I think for example the staggering development of biotechnology or digital consequences for industry and jobs. We need to integrate our thinking these developments. »

"There are also issues that we already know but for which it is useful to ask ourselves if we still have the right answers: Energy, Environmental, poverty, the safety of people and property, prison policy, addictions, competitiveness, the outlook for small and very small, ethnic and gender discrimination, etc. »

"Whether it discusses, it debated, the lively democracy in the party "

70 militants took the floor to express their expectations, their desires and ideas. "It was noted, indique Elio Di Rupo. We will analyze the productions in order to propose soon a working agenda to the Bureau of the Party. This work will primarily by seminars open to all activists and all progressives who want to think with us. »

For the President of PS, it is essential that beyond this first meeting, activists can continue to be involved every day in the "ideas Shipyard", give their opinion, fix what does not suit them. "I want it discusses, it debated, the lively democracy in the party ", concludes Elio Di Rupo.

source: PS Site

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