Latifa Gahouchi – Sénatrice – Députée régionale

26 February 1961, date, two events.

This is unfortunate but it is a fact, we are not likely to be able to boast of being born on the same day when a king dies.

That is what happened in Morocco, this 26 February 1961.

Mohamed V, King of Morocco and heroes of the country's Independence proclaimed in 1956, does not wake up yet a minor surgery.

A few 600 km from Rabat where news spreads slowly, in the border town of Oujda precisely, Latifa was born.

While the country is in mourning, her father refuses to cancel the party that he planned to organize in honor of the child.

His father just, who is he ?

He is a young peacekeeper as it was then, handsome, who is predicted a brilliant career with the National Police.

Except that this man has a keen awareness of social inequalities whose people suffered.

Social inequality, plunder the country's wealth by an oligarchy accomplice of the regime, endemic corruption and especially absolute power in the hands of a true dictator ...

If the historical figure of Mohamed V remains closely linked to the battle fought against the French presence in Morocco and 1956, year signaled the end of the French protectorate in Morocco, Mohamed V was so discreet monarch and more or less liked by his people, nothing like his son Hassan II, the very man who succeeded him in 26 February 1961.

The King's secret gardens :

The books written by historians, journalists or "survivors" abound that tell more or less detail the years of lead, the dark years, horror years, real terror and continues in which lived the Moroccan people, starting with the opponents of the regime, these modern heroes, Belkacem as Gahouchi, dared to say NO.

While his father was anxious to rebuild national unity based on the representatives of all the existing political currents : moderate Islamists representatives of the Left through the nationalists, nothing like at Hassan II who will constantly make every effort to gag, bend, to silence all dissenting voices to his dictatorial regime, first and foremost there is the figurehead of Mehdi Ben Barka, murdered in December 1965 in the suburbs of Paris, probably from the hands of the Minister of the Interior at the time General Oufkir, on the orders of Hassan II and with the complicity of agents SDCE, French intelligence, .

During the 30 years of the reign of Hassan II, all over the country repression rages, arbitrary arrests everywhere, the student beatings and rape of student protesters on strike, throughout the country multiply opponents abduction, bullying close, the practice of torture is widespread, becomes commonplace.

The prisons are full, Yet this does not seem enough for this man who has a taste for absolute power and does not support any contradiction, no opposition.

Indeed, Is it necessary to recall that Hassan II has been the only head of state of the twentieth century have thrown hundreds of opponents in a prison ?

(for those who want to "read more», strongly they are advised to read the excellent Our friend the King, Gilles Perrault).

Belkacem Gahouchi, activist in the UNFP and supported in this just struggle and brave by his young wife and despite the risks involved and he is well aware, learns almost by chance, it will be the subject of an imminent arrest.

In 24h, he flees the country, through Franco's Spain and arrives in Belgium 1965

Twelve years before he could again walk the streets of his beloved country.

He never ceased his struggle to expose, from Belgium where he could count on the active solidarity of many friends and comrades, in the PS or the FGTB, multiple violations of human rights and bring the word of his friends back home and some, with whom he began his political involvement, did not return alive from the hands of their captors, others that nobody knows where they were buried because there is no doubt about the doom that was reserved for them by their torturers.

When is the eldest daughter of such a man, is there a more beautiful way, more to borrow than the trade union and political commitment to testify to his refusal inequalities, injustices of all kinds ?

Do Not, of course not, Latifa was quick to borrow this sacred way never to leave.

Who asked him how far back his memories engaged, it meets at the age of 12 years ago, at a time when his school friends took advantage of the festival from May 1 to afford an oily deserved morning, she walked the streets of the city, carrying the flag of the USFP ( Moroccan Socialist Party), walking behind the flags of PS or FGTB intoning an International she knew by heart already.

Another vivid memory of a childhood and a youth decidedly unlike any other such, commemorating the premises of the carolo FGTB's assassination Mehdi Ben Barka, each year on the same date.

Sitting or curled up in a chair when the speeches were too long, everywhere she accompanied this admired and adored father who replied when asked why he always associated his children all commitments : "The new Morocco we dream, it will not happen without you.

You are the future of your country and I want for my country intelligent youth, informed and engaged ".

The commitment yet, commitment always :

She has 19 years when M. Bertouille, Liberal Minister of Education as we said at the time, decides to enact a law whose stated goal is to reduce (the risk of removing almost) the number of foreign students allowed to continue their studies in our High Schools and Universities.

No need for big speeches to understand the scandalous nature of this measure.

Indeed, she killed in the bud hope for a development of the Third World obtained through the homecoming of a young elite trained abroad.

Even at personal, it is not affected by this as it considers discriminatory, Latifa does not hesitate to engage with peers a hunger strike that will last 12 days, after which the measure will keep students strange in the territory.

Later, elected president of the UNEM, (Moroccan Socialist Union of foreign students), it will defend whenever necessary rights of each other to continue their education in the best possible conditions.

Seen, consistency and enthusiasm are undoubtedly the hallmarks of this unusual life.

Years later, become an adult and a mother who has it become ?

It remained the same or nearly : she learned to fight for its values, she knows that time is often an ally to advance an idea or a project, in the political field it works against anyone, but for the common good.

Opponents, even enemies she has and there are many, they call cynicism, law of the strongest against the law fairer,

isolation, despair, unemployment, insecurity, fear of the future, Poverty ...

Municipal Councillor in 7 years, she took the time to learn the operation of the "city machine", she learned to build cases and follow to the end and never give up, despite the obstacles that never fail, obviously.

It is not a beginner, an "amateur", much less a dilettante.

Bosseuse, fonceuse, she loves the job always more rewarding and exhilarating team.

July 2007, decision of Paul Magnette, she was chosen to fill the post of Deputy Mayor tremendous support of Education, Training, Health Promotion in the School; Aerated Recreational Centre and Youth.

During those four years, She has completed many projects, launched several projects, stabilized many precarious situations unacceptable in his eyes.

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