Latifa Gahouchi – Sénatrice – Députée régionale

“”, a comprehensive portal serving the citizen

At the General Affairs Committee on Monday 23 March 2015, Ecolo interpellait Minister President on the Rights of the Walloon and the need for these rights ahead on a website that provides information on the premiums, allocations, tax cuts,... In his decree proposal, Ecolo proposes to set up an "explorer of Rights" as is done in Flanders to group all aid available to citizens.
As a matter of fact, this tool is already : it is the Wallonia portal. The site is simple and easy to access. Anyone can find the necessary information. I took the time to visit and I asked relatives to seek information. They are pretending to businesses, they went to see icon on the family, they asked about the steps to follow to find an internship d & rsquo; was for children. They m & rsquo; said that & rsquo; in 10 minutes, we have the answers to questions.
The website offers direct find this information ; they are very useful. They are classified by theme. There is practically 150 online forms for the necessary procedures and aids available to renovate a house, seek employment or become parents, find tools to become independent, et cetera.
I've realized that & rsquo; you could even go to the Wallonia-Brussels Federation website. This means that the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and all that happens in the Walloon Region are on this portal ; which I think is important.
The Socialist Group focuses primarily promoting portal where there are a lot of & rsquo; useful information quickly. The n & rsquo; not by creating a new software tool that & rsquo; we can fight against the digital divide. One aspect which also seems essential to me: creating & rsquo; a new tool will result in budget. I think that & rsquo; aujourd & rsquo; hui, our Wallonia rather need his money to help the most disadvantaged.
The Ecolo MP charged with defending the proposed Decree is still proposed to hear designers Flemish site that brings together all the rights of citizens. I think it would be better to know how ours is already very well ! This could further improve the tool. But creating a new one is relatively counterproductive.

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